02/25/2009: Began converting website layout and updating buttons and features.

02/08/2009: Began updating website. Continue checking in for added features and enhancements

01/05/2009: Revamped the website, removed old pages, updated links, and added discussion board.

12/28/2002: Well, a New Year is upon us and more updates to come. I have a few copies of WIME for sale for those of you looking for maps, manuals, etc. It may be a while longer before I'm able to translate the manual and map to PDF versions. Also, a master list of coordinates is in the works.

11/02/1999: Added Strategies Section /w Object Locations. Look for more additions such as Characters such as Balrog, Troll, and the Fellowship of the Ring. Plans for adding other classic games such as Dondra are in the works. Also, look for the Middle-earth manual to be added in PDF format to the media section. News section also added and will be updated daily.

12/1/1999: Begun building of character page. Added links at bottom of web page and moved characters to character page. Also begun duplicating user manual in WPD format. Be sure and check out AllAdvantage so I can bring you more content in the coming months. Work has begun on porting MCGA PC version to Win98 CD-ROM with documentation and map.



Welcome to Aaron's Classic Fantasy Epics, a website devoted to fans of classic fantasy games from the early days of computer gaming, before the FPS and Playstation era games which currently dominate the industry.

Currently, this site is devoted to the four games above due to limits in size and time. These three games began my love for computer games. In addition to this website, you can interact with other fans for these game on the message board. The growth of this site is made possible by additional submissions from other fans such as artwork, strategies, memories of playing these games, etc. so please feel free to send me material related to these games and I will try to integrate it into this growing project.

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